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Planning drillholes on geophysics dataResource Potentials specialises in geophysical consulting, particularly planning, acquisition, processing, imaging, modelling, GIS integration and map making and interpretation of a variety of geophysical data, including;

  • Magnetics – ground, downhole and airborne
  • Gravity – ground and airborne
  • Electromagnetics – ground, downhole and airborne
  • Induced Polarisation – all configurations
  • Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM)
  • Passive Seismic – depth to bedrock mapping and engineering applications
  • Remote Sensing – panchromatic, digital elevation and spectral ratio imagery
  • Seismic Reflection – land and offshore
  • GPR and other near surface methods

Resource Potentials has an extensive range of licenced software and state-of-the-art computers that are able to process vast amounts of data in both 2D and 3D workspaces.

Resource Potentials can also assist with project management, including; tenement evaluation, establishing exploration programs, planning and supervising drilling programs, land access, exploration license administration and technical reporting.

Resource Potentials is also a custodian for multi-client geophysical survey data.

Please contact us should you like Resource Potentials to access data or should you like Resource Potentials to act as custodian for your data.